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The ‘Secularism Case’ : Prosecution of a Hindu Activist before a Quasi-judicial Authority in the Nepal Tarai

Letizia, Chiara. 2015.

Regimes of Legality : Ethnography of Criminal Cases in South Asia, sous la dir. de D. Berti and D. Bordia, p. 129-170. New Delhi : Oxford University Press.

This chapter analyses the case of ‘Manoj’, a Hindu activist accused of the illegal possession of weapons under the Arms and Ammunitions Act and tried before a Chief District Officer in the latter’s capacity as quasi-judicial authority in a town of the Terai in Nepal. The case is reconstructed based on accounts from the investigation, the prosecution, the defence and other court documents, as well as through multiple interviews with the different actors involved in the case. The broader context of the type of justice administered by quasi-judicial bodies in Nepal and of the tense reactions to the declaration of secularism in Tarai is closely examined. This work highlights the discrepancy between actual practices and legal standards, which leaves a plausible space for the religious and political context and for Manoj’s status to have a bearing on the proceedings and the outcome of the case.