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Shaping Secularism through the Judiciary in Nepal : Case Studies from the Kathmandu Supreme Court

Letizia, Chiara. 2015.

Secularism, Religion, and Politics: India and Europe, sous la dir. de Péter Losonczi et Walter Van Herck, p. 190-210. Londres : Routledge.

In recent years Nepal underwent dramatic political and social changes, ending a two-century-old Hindu kingdom to become a secular democratic republic, which has already been headed twice by Maoist leaders. Nepal was declared a secular state (dharma nirapeksha rajya) in the Interim Constitution of Nepal adopted in 2007. This status, reiterated by the Constituent Assembly in May 2008, awaits confirmation under a long expected Constitutions.

Since 2009, I have been conducting research on the understandings and on the shaping of this new Nepali secularism. As I have discussed elsewhere…